I am raising funds for Wayside Chapel to provide support to the marginalised and disadvantaged of our community.

By making a donation, you will be helping to deliver love, support and assistance to people facing homelessness, isolation and mental illness.

They see everyone as a person to be met, not a problem to be solved. I am proud to contribute to their work and I hope you are too! 

As someone who was imprisoned for 8 months. PRIOR TO GOING TO PRISON, The perpetrators destroyed, sold, damaged and I Walked put those hates not oy with the anxious feeling everyone would incur. I also had no belongings (clothes, toiletries my 3 years old sons ashes, photos, homeless but most of all I had lost my self esteem, dignity, happiness, loneliness  and just the little things like makeup and getting my nails and hair done, and having a brief package with perhaps some gift cards, a petrol or opal starter card, a voucher to get your hair or nails( can ) choose, and a starter pack cheap phone so staying connected will be easy, whilst the Coles or linen or underwear, and lastly perhaps a call on the phone once a week by a voice call or face to face via appointments and bag/suitcase will have every size suitable clothes, pj's, a notepad and pen with some lists of other community organisations that will take referrals for legal, victim support packages available to you with a beautiful large bag. If accommodation for anyone who cannot access housing for any reasons given for a maximum of 3 nights.