By R B

I am raising funds for Wayside Chapel to provide support to the marginalised and disadvantaged of our community.

By making a donation, you will be helping to deliver love, support and assistance to people facing homelessness, isolation and mental illness.

They see everyone as a person to be met, not a problem to be solved. I am proud to contribute to their work and I hope you are too! 

Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Me Reach My Goal!



Congratulations Rog & Rach. Wishing you both a happy and adventurous life together.


David & Jane Burgess

Rachel & Rog, can't wait for the big day Dad & Jane




Monika & John

What a beautiful idea and amazing cause! Well done!


Becky & Toby

Great cause guys, and can’t wait to celebrate your forever after!


Nick And Maria Vantas

This is a great cause. Looking forward to your special day.


Tas Papas

Congratulations Roger & Rachel. Have a wonderful day x


Liana & Ed

Brilliant idea and a great cause. Looking forward to celebrating with you both! x


Pirra & Nathan

Congratulations Rach & Roger xx


Sarah Mitford-burgess

How beautiful are you two.. in Vedic scriptures 108 is the number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Love Sarah, India and Harry



Congratulations Rachel & Roger xx



Congratulations Roger and Rach xx



A dollar short but a good purpose long!