Join us to provide love, support and assistance to people in crisis, experiencing homelessness and struggling on our streets.

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Choose Love over Hate. Stand with Wayside Chapel.


Right now, there are over 35,011 people experiencing homelessness in NSW.

These are the most vulnerable people in our community, and when times get tough, they rely on Wayside Chapel.

Our vision is ‘Love over Hate’, and for 60 years we have provided unconditional love, care and support to the most marginalised and vulnerable people who are isolated and sleeping rough on our streets.

Become a monthly donor to support our work and provide meals, personalised care and vital essentials to people experiencing mental health issues, isolation and homelessness.

Please stand with us. Become a Monthly Donor to help people in crisis.

How you can help

When you become a Monthly Donor, your ongoing support will provide food, shelter and care to people who need it most.

Your support will show people in crisis that they are loved, and not forgotten.

*Statistics relate to the period October-December 2023

Keep Our Doors Open

Your support will ensure our doors are always open to provide ongoing support to over 256 people each day.

  Hot Meal
Provide Hot Meals

You will help provide over 1,380 meals a week for people experiencing homelessness and for people in crisis.


Personalised Care

You will keep our programs running so everyone is given the personalised support and care they need.


Vital Essentials

You will provide vital necessities like clothing, food, showers, blankets, emergency accommodation, legal and medical care.

Stand With Us. Become a Monthly Donor today.

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As a monthly donor, you’ll receive:

  • A weekly 'Inner Circle' newsletter with behind-the-scenes stories direct from CEO and Pastor Jon Owen

  • VIP invitations to Wayside events including speaker nights and community events

  • An annual donation statement at the end of the financial year


Can we help?

If you have any questions, contact Jess at or call (02) 9581 9101.

"I love Wayside. To me, it's like home."
- Allan

Allan was 10 years old when he became a carer to his mother who was living with a terminal diagnosis. Over the years she was sick, Allan stayed up all night making her hot drinks, cooking meals and carrying her from her wheelchair to the bed.

Sadly, when his mother passed away, home wasn't safe anymore.

Allan first came to Wayside at 14 years old.

Through the most difficult times in his life, Allan always found comfort and refuge at Wayside Chapel – a safe haven he’d never known.

Being part of the community helped Allan build the confidence to connect with other people and start piecing his life back together.

More Information

Can I set up my monthly donation via direct debit or PayPal?

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Yes, you are able to set up direct debit. Please contact us to arrange this.

You can view the conditions of our direct debit agreement here. 

Email: Jess at

Mail:   PO Box 66, Potts Point NSW 1335

Call:   02 9581 9101

Contributions via PayPal are currently not available.

How do I change or cancel my monthly donation?

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Please contact Jess at or call 02 9581 9101 to cancel or change the amount of your monthly donations.

How can I update my contact or payment details?

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To change or update your contact details, please provide your full name, email address, postal address and your new details in an email or letter to us.

Please contact Jess on 02 9581 9101 to change your payment details. For security reasons, never include your credit card details in an email.

When will I receive my receipt?

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At the end of the financial year, we will email you an annual statement that details all of your donations with Wayside Chapel for the previous 12 months.

We send receipts annually to save on our administration costs, however you can request a receipt at any time by contacting us on 02 9581 9101.

Is my donation tax deductible?

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Yes, all donations to Wayside Chapel over $2 are tax deductible for Australian residents.

Interested in getting your company involved?

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You can arrange for a group volunteering day, or even for your company to include Wayside Chapel as a charity of choice for your Workplace Giving program.

Learn more here or contact our team at

Refer a friend, and get a free book

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Sign up a friend and you will both receive a copy of the Wayside Chapel coffee table book.

Do you know someone that would be interested in signing up as a monthly giver? Send them this link and email us with the subject line ‘refer a friend’ along with their name and email address.

Once they have signed up and have had their first month’s donation processed, you will both receive the book!

Contact us

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Telephone: 02 9581 9101

Email: Jess at

Mail: PO Box 66, Potts Point NSW 1335

Address: 29 Hughes Street, Potts Point 2011

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$30 a month can help provide meals to vulnerable people who visit Wayside Chapel or direct to people sleeping rough on our streets.
$50 a month can help deliver personalised care packs to a person experiencing homelessness or someone who is in crisis or isolation.
$60 a month can supply essentials like warm clothes, underwear and blankets for people who visit our centre or direct to people sleeping rough on our streets.
$100 a month can provide care-coordination including crisis accommodation, medical and health referrals to a person experiencing homelessness, or in crisis.

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