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By looking at Jim, you wouldn’t believe that just over a year ago he was living in his car in Bondi.

Back then he had no hope of turning his life around. He lost everything – his job, his house, his family and his self-worth. At his lowest, he convinced himself that nobody would care if he lived or died.

Homelessness can happen quickly, and it can happen to anyone. Jim was an educated and ambitious family man when he became homeless. His primary goal in life was to provide for his family, so when he lost access to his children after his marriage broke down, his sense of purpose was gone too. 

Jim met a Wayside visitor at Bondi who invited him to come along. At first he was reluctant, but eventually, he realised that showing vulnerability was a strength, not a weakness.

Jim received more than practical support at Wayside. He found a strong sense of community and acceptance, and for the first time in years he felt respected. He found people who cared about what happened to him and wanted him to do well.

The Wayside community empowers people like Jim to transform their lives and go from asking for help, to asking how they can help others

Wayside provides much more than showers, food, emergency clothing and referral services. Our biggest ongoing achievement is fostering a strong community to help restore people’s dignity and sense of self-worth.

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