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this Christmas

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During what can be the loneliest and most difficult time of the year,
Wayside Chapel will always be there.

The last two years have challenged us all. But no matter what was thrown our way, we never stopped.

Even through lockdown, Wayside stayed open. We continued to engage and connect with our community; providing hot showers, freshly cooked meals, emergency care, housing support and access to vital health services. And with every interaction, we made sure they were met with unconditional love and care.

But as we head into the festive season, this human connection will be more important than ever.

Christmas can be one of the darkest times for many people in our community. Having somewhere to go to feel safe and welcome, can mean everything to someone doing it tough.

Whether it's at our centres, through outreach via foot and van, or virtually by phone or online, we will make sure our community is supported.

Please, make a donation today so we can continue to create connections so everyone can receive the love, care and support they deserve.

Because no matter what, Wayside Chapel is there. Donate today.

“I'm just lucky I survived.
And it was because of Wayside.”

Eddie has been sleeping rough for over a decade. On weekdays, he lives on the streets in the city, and on weekends, he spends his nights on the beach.

Despite not having a home or a place to sleep, Eddie has a glass half full attitude that pushes him to get the most out of each day.

When lockdown first began, things got tougher. Eddie wasn't able to work due to COVID-19 restrictions and staying inside and isolating was not an option. After a long period of sobriety, alcohol once again became Eddie’s escape.

So, Eddie turned to Wayside Chapel for support.

As a regular visitor, Eddie has formed connections and friendships with the community at Wayside Chapel. It was somewhere he could go, feel welcome and supported.

Fast forward to today and Eddie is now 12 months sober. He feels happier and more confident in himself than at any other period in his life.

Stories like Eddie's don't happen on their own.

Your donation today will mean we can be there for more people like Eddie.

Please donate this Christmas


You help keep our services running over the festive season to support over 120 people each day.

You help deliver over 170 instances of personalised support a month delivered by our outreach teams.  

You help to provide over 300 showers and toiletries a month for people experiencing homelessness and social isolation.  

You help provide over 900 instances of care coordination a month such as housing support, primary health care and legal support.  

We'll always be there to deliver love and connection

As a frontline organisation, Wayside Chapel plays an essential part in providing unconditional love, care and support for some of Sydney's most vulnerable people, including those who are experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, many people who are already facing physical and mental health challenges.

We pride ourselves on creating community with no "us and them". Through the pandemic, we have provided many support services and programs to make sure our visitors remain safe and have had equal access to vaccination and health care.

Donate now so we can be there for our community this Christmas and beyond.

All donations to Wayside Chapel over $2 are tax-deductible.

*Statistics relate to the period July-September 2021