This Christmas, you can help make
someone feel loved, and not forgotten.

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Will you be there for people who have nowhere to turn this Christmas?

Christmas can be a particularly difficult and lonely time of year for people who are living on our streets or in crisis.

Rising living costs are pushing more Australians towards hunger and homelessness. This Christmas period, Wayside Chapel is expecting a staggering 60% increase in the average number of visitors that come to us seeking help. 

Our frontline staff are working tirelessly to provide not just essentials like hot showers and clean clothing, but also crucial housing support and medical referrals to the more and more people falling by the Wayside.

Through your special Christmas gift today you can ensure Wayside stays open this festive season, offering vital love and support when it's needed most.

You can show the most vulnerable people in our community they are worthy of love and belonging. Please give generously if you can.

“If it wasn’t for Wayside, I would be dead, using drugs, back on the street, or in jail.
Wayside saved my life.”

Tony, Wayside Chapel visitor

Tony hates Christmas. Yet he hasn't missed a Christmas at Wayside Chapel in 20 years.

Tony first walked through our doors when he was just 13.

Unfortunately as the years passed, he fell into the wrong crowd and was surrounded by alcohol and drugs. He moved back and forth from city to country. But while still on the streets, he was at the mercy of all the bad influences – the "bad juju" he calls it.

With nowhere to live and his pension stopping, Tony needed financial security and stability. At this moment, he was ready to take charge of his life.

We gave him the pathway through the maze, with a destination of financial independence.

Fast forward to today, Tony is now financially stable with a place to live and a place to belong, here at Wayside.

He says "Coming to Wayside is like coming home to my family."

As a self-confessed 'grinch', he's also looking forward to another Christmas with his chosen family at Wayside Chapel.

With your donation today, we can support more people like Tony this festive season.

Make your tax-deductible donation today.

What does your donation do?

More Australians, long accustomed to getting by, are now precariously close to hunger or homelessness due to a rent hike or unforeseen bill.

We've seen a sharp rise in people turning to Wayside Chapel for help. Each visitor brings with them a complex, often heart-wrenching story, the pain only amplified by escalating living costs.

Your support this Christmas will help us meet this urgent and rising demand.

You help provide over 887 blankets and clothes a week to keep a person clothed and warm.

You help provide over 1,129 hot showers and toiletries a month to people who desperately need it.

You help provide over 8,500 low cost meals a month from our community cafes

You help provide over 906 instances of care coordination a week, such as housing, medical referrals and legal support

Thanks to you, we're always there to deliver love and connection.

As a frontline organisation, Wayside Chapel plays an essential part in providing unconditional love, care and support for some of Sydney's most vulnerable people, including those who are experiencing homelessness and social isolation, and who are facing physical and mental health challenges.

Everyone who walks through our doors is a person to be met, not a problem to be solved.

With your support, we provide a variety of support services that everyone can access on a daily basis. From necessities like shower and toilet facilities, food and clean clothing, to housing support and healthcare, our frontline workers are always there to provide the tailored wrap-around support that people need. Plus, a space where everyone is welcome and can connect with community.

You help us create community with no 'us and them'.

Please make your donation today. Thank you for choosing love over hate.

All donations to Wayside Chapel over $2 are tax-deductible.

If you have any issues or would like to made a donation over the phone, please call (02) 9581 9101.

Alternatively, you can email