Help people like Rodney find a community this Christmas

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Thanks to you, Wayside stays open 365 days a year to ensure a safe place for those in crisis.

Donations help to provide over 25,000 showers each year for people sleeping rough.  

You keep our services and programs running so everyone can access the support they need.  

You help to provide the basic necessities such as clothing, warm food and access to housing.  

Every story at Wayside begins with a broken heart

Just after his 40th birthday, Rodney's world collapsed around him.

His marriage broke down, he became unable to work due to his mental health and soon after, Rodney found himself living on the streets.

Being homeless made Rodney lose connection with those around him. People would just look straight through him as if he was made out of glass. Then he found Wayside Chapel. 

At Wayside, Rodney felt seen and was surrounded by a community who loved and supported him and he was able to get back on his feet again. Before he became homeless, Rodney was a hairdresser. Keen to use his skills to give back, Rodney signed up as a volunteer and began cutting hair in one of the toilet cubicles in our Community Service Centre. Today, Rodney comes in once a week to cut or colour our visitor's hair and helps give back some dignity to people who have all but given up on this world. 

From seeking to rebuild his life, Rodney now rebuilds the lives of others.

For people like Rodney, the Wayside Chapel community provides unconditional love and patience, which empowers them to change their lives and make the decision to give back. This is love in action, and we need it more than ever this Christmas. 

"Wayside gave me the confidence to know that my life would be better one day."

At Wayside, we know we can't force people to change, instead, we wait patiently for sparks of life; signs that people long for a better life. For Rodney, that spark of life came in the form of a hairdressing salon in a toilet cubicle.

It is at Wayside where a person can be truly seen and truly met, not made to feel totally invisible, a glass person who everyone walks past. Wayside is a community full of people who receive love when they need it and give back when they can. It is a place of practical love, of healing, of empathy and helping each other through.

Christmas is an important time to give love back, especially to those who need it most. Please give to Wayside Chapel this Christmas, brighten the lives of people experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental health issues and isolation. The doors of Wayside will stay open every day over the holiday period and we rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep our community strong. 

Please donate this Christmas