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True connection provides a foundation for people to heal. 

At 28 years old, with no one to turn to and no sense of self, Jiya walked into Wayside and found a community of love and support that has helped her to flourish.

After years of abuse and isolation, Jiya knew she could ask for help and that Wayside was a place that could walk with her as she healed. 

Wayside supporters empower people to beat the odds and begin the journey towards a better future. People like Jiya haven't given up hope, which is why we won't either. Please send your gift this winter to make sure others like her get the support they need to transform their lives.

"Wayside gave me the confidence to know that my life would be better one day."

When people have experienced pain, rejection and violence at the hands of those they trusted, it can disrupt their ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships.

Wayside acts as an antidote to this with respect, empathy and compassion underpinning all of our relationships, providing the foundation for a person to heal from past trauma.

Wayside believes in the power of community and is open every day of the year to hold people on their darkest days.

We rely on people like you to help us meet every single person who desperately needs us, every day of the year.

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will provide a warm welcome, a hot tea or coffee and an emergency meal for 20 people
will help to provide the right support at the right time, whether it be finding someone stable accommodation or helping people on a journey towards employment
participation for 42 people in a SMART Recovery program to support people facing drug and alcohol addiction
can provide one young person with 12 months of employment readiness support

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