Support people experiencing
homelessness this winter

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Thanks to you, Wayside has stayed open during the pandemic to provide ongoing support to an average of 226 people each day.

  Hot Meal
You help to provide over 220 meals each day for people experiencing homelessness and for people in crisis.  

You keep our Community Outreach program running so everyone is given the personalised support and care they need.  

You provide the vital necessities such as clothing, warm food, showers, blankets, and access to housing, legal and medical care.  

This winter, vulnerable people in our community need your support.

With restrictions relaxing and our world beginning the long journey back to the 'new normal', many of us are naturally feeling a sense of optimism and relief. But the reality is that, as we move deeper into winter, many vulnerable people will still be fighting for survival.

Many people now have no choice but to return to living on our streets during the brutal winter months, having to face the elements with limited access to hygiene and shelter and already compromised immune systems. Our homeless community are now experiencing their most vulnerable time.

We need your support to continue to deliver love and assistance to people who are struggling on our streets and to people in need who are isolated in their homes.

Wayside's Community Outreach teams continue to deliver emergency food, care packs and love to people sleeping rough on our streets. For people who are isolated at home but still in of need of essential items and connection, we are delivering care packs to their homes and letting them know that we are still here for them - they are not forgotten.

Our community centres are open every day for rough sleepers, for whom we provide takeaway meals, emergency clothing, water, blankets, showers, medical care and emergency accommodation referrals.

Now, more than ever, we must do whatever we can to support people who are struggling in our community.



"Wayside is our family."

Tonight was the second time we saw Jenny*. She was so appreciative of what we were doing for her. She said that the food tasted so much better knowing that it came with connection.

She also says she has been feeling so isolated and lonely and this has just been such a remedy to these challenging times. 

We really felt that she just needed a conversation more than the offering. The food and hygiene kits are just a tool to make connection.

All our visitors say the same thing to us every night:


Stand with us this winter. Please donate